My Community Interview On Reddit

It didn’t get much traction, but it had valuable discussion on conspiracies and geopolitics, I found. Q: What’s your #1 conspiracy theory? A:  In terms of what I’d like people to look into, it’s probably what’s happening in Syria and the origins of the Syrian crisis. The 2011 Syrian uprising had organic elements but was hijacked […]

Was Building 7 Meant to Collapse Earlier?

I think Building 7 was meant to be brought down at 10:45 am, but something went wrong with the detonation sequence. This is actually not uncommon in building demolitions. This would be a good reason behind the late collapse of 5:20 pm, as the problem had to be fixed before the demolition could continue. This […]

Was Flight 93 Meant For Building 7?

It’s a somewhat popular claim that Flight 93, the fourth plane to be hijacked and crashed on 9/11, was meant for Building 7 — the third building in New York to collapse that day. It’s understandable why some people would think this is a good theory. No plane hit Tower 7, yet both of the […]

My short writings on science, how it works under capitalism, and my notes.

I posted back in 2014 a reddit thread titled “Does the absence of “Free Energy” technology indicate a cover-up, or is it something else?“ That thread generated a lot of insightful discussion on reddit. I argued that free energy technology (or phrase it however you like) hasn’t appeared — not because successful applications have been suppressed, but […]